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Episode 27: StorySelling with Bernadette McClelland

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In episode 27, we are going to talk about a very interesting approach to sales that is not very heard of, StorySelling.  

There is no other person that knows more about this than the one who coined the term, Bernadette McClelland.  

Bernadette is a natural storyteller. She gravitated toward bringing stories and the structure of stories into sales conversations.   

Her wheelhouse is sales leadership, mindset, and her own lane of StorySelling. She is a prolific writer of articles and blogs, as well as a podcast guest and panelist sharing her ideas and thought leadership on the nuances around this topic.     

Her message talks to the heart, mind, and soul of every participant, always moving them at a logical and emotional level to elevate their outcomes in a shifting economy.  

In this episode, Bernadette is going to walk us through this whole concept of StorySelling, and what insights it can bring to the table.  

StorySelling, as the name suggests is a combination of two of the oldest activities created by mankind, commerce and storytelling.   

As Bernadette says, “it’s bringing the two of those together and putting a little bit more juice over and above”, it may sound simple but it's enormously powerful when done right.

Listen to this conversation to understand what this is all about, and to understand how to give your clients what they need using the power of stories, and capturing those stories in a way that is quite strategic.  

This conversation was very enlightening, and we’re sure you’re going to find it very valuable too. 

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