Considered A Career In Tech Sales?

Technology Sales is one of the fastest growing careers with some of the highest rates of pay globally!

  • We love individuals who have big dreams, big goals and big aspirations!
  • A growth mindset, an open mind and a willingness to learn goes a long way with our hiring partners
  • For anyone with the will and motivation, we have the way!
  • Learn the skills that make salespeople in demand, in any career. 
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We place talent at New Zealand's top technology companies like:

Step 1

Meet with Apprento's talent team to discuss opportunities and complete an online quiz. 

Step 2

Join an online education session on Zoom to see if sales is the right career path. 

Step 3

Get matched and interview with companies that fit skillsets and values. 

Step 4

Get interview feedback and coaching from the Apprento team to help land the job.

Step 5

Accept the new job offer!


Step 6

The Apprento education programme & community provides ongoing support!

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Here's what are candidates are saying:
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