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Episode 26: Building A-Player Sales Teams & What’s Going to Happen in 2023 with Asad Zaman

Feb 06, 2023

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In episode 26 we are going to talk about the challenges that you are most likely going to face when building out and managing sales teams. 

For this, we have an incredible guest on the show, his name is Asad Zaman. 

Asad is the CEO of Sales Talent Agency, a leading recruitment agency focused on helping their clients build elite go-to-market teams.   

Sales Talent Agency is a category leader in North America and has recently expanded its operations into parts of Europe and Asia-Pacific. Over the past 15 years, they have helped 1500+ companies hire elite go-to-market talent, from CROs to BDRs and everything in between, and along the way, they have facilitated over $550M in salaries.  

As you can see, Asad certainly has experience in this field and he is more than qualified to teach us more about sales teams and how to build and manage them properly. 

Out of all the problems and difficulties you can experience when building a sales team, we’ve narrowed it down to 5 main areas where you are most likely going to face big challenges and what to do when that happens. 

We are also going to touch on a lot of issues and situations that this new year will bring that will help you understand the importance of having a well-planned and well-thought process for building and managing great sales teams. 

Of course, Asad is going to share with us what are the key elements for building and managing teams so, make sure to listen to this incredible conversation so that you can be prepared for anything, we are sure you are going to learn a lot from it. 

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