The Apprento Rev-Up Sales Podcast

Episode 25: What’s Changed in Sales with Rob Taylor

Feb 06, 2023

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The world is always changing, things are moving on all the time, and knowledge is expanding constantly.   

We are the facilitators of those changes but we also have to catch up with them and reflect on the way we think about the world, people, etc.   

We were used to experiencing changes in a very soft-paced manner, but of course, changes happened very abruptly after some events that shook the world in 2019.  

Now that the situation is a little bit more under control, we can look back and formulate a question, with all that change, what has changed in sales?   

In this episode, we are going to answer that with our guest Rob Taylor.  


Rob is an award-winning marketing professional with 13 years of professional marketing experience.   

He has seen the rise of digital marketing and adapted businesses to embrace the format rather than fear it.   

Over the years Rob has worked with globally recognised companies to help introduce modern marketing concepts and projects to support the workforce, these include Amazon, Google, Shell UK, and Live Nation.   

As Rob says, lockdowns and pandemics have accelerated what was happening anyway, and that includes the changing face of customers and how they expect you to behave, how they expect you to show up, how they expect you to engage with them.  

So, what is happening right now? 

Listen to this conversation to understand what is going on in sales at the moment, and why many things have changed dramatically.  

This episode is going to be very useful to you and it will give you tools to formulate some questions about your business, recognise what has changed in your particular industry and act in a way that allows you to catch up with those changes. 


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