The Rev-Up Sales Podcast

Episode 24: Becoming a Successful SDR with Chad Ockerse

Feb 06, 2023

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In episode 24 of the Rev Up Sales podcast, we return to the subject of SDRs, but this time we are talking to a very young man that we happen to know very well.  

His name is Chad Ockerse. Chad is a high-performing sales executive at EzyVet and was one of the very first SDRs that Apprento placed back in early 2021.   

We were so proud to hear the news when Chad went on to break every company record as an SDR, including being promoted in record time!  

In this episode, Chad is going to tell us what are the most important things to have in place in order to become a successful SDR.    

Goals are always what we aim for but, are we sure we are doing our best efforts to accomplish them?  

There are a lot of approaches to hitting goals and certainly, a full-proof method that works for everybody doesn’t exist. However, there are a couple of things worth mentioning about hitting goals and how it relates to having a good mentality.   

That’s why in this episode, Chad is going to tell us about his habits, his mentality, and how it has been the key that’s allowed him to be where he is at such a young age, and he is also going to share with us many valuable lessons that he’s learned in these years.  

So, if you are wondering what can you do to become a successful SDR this is the perfect episode for you.   

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting up or if you want to be better at what you already do, we are sure this conversation is going to answer any questions you might have about this topic and you are also going to learn incredibly valuable lessons from a talented and committed young man.  

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