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Episode 049: Bringing Human-Level AI Into the World with Peter Voss

alex mcnaughten artificial human intelligence level peter reasoning training voss Jan 03, 2024

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In episode 49, we had an illuminating discussion with AI pioneer Peter Voss about his mission to develop human-level artificial intelligence. With over 20 years dedicated to cognitive systems, Peter offers thought-provoking insights on the limitations of today's AI and a compelling vision for the future.  

Peter explains that while statistical, generative AI like GPT-3 has achieved impressive results, fundamental constraints remain. Massive datasets and extensive training are required. There is no real-time learning or conceptual thinking. Information is not integrated into an evolving model. 

In contrast, Peter's company takes a cognitive approach focused on incremental learning, conceptualisation, reasoning, and contextual understanding. This allows chatbots to deeply comprehend conversations, rather than simply recognising keywords to trigger scripted responses.

Peter shares examples of their technology in action. 1-800-Flowers uses it to offer personalised gift recommendations based on purchase history and occasions, outperforming humans during peak seasons. It provides a hyper-personalised experience by remembering individual customers.

While current AI has limitations, Peter sees it as improving sales and service by automating repetitive tasks. This allows reps to handle more complex issues and build customer relationships. AI can also help salespeople access key information and follow up on actions. But Peter believes human trust and rapport will remain essential for high-stakes sales.

Looking ahead, Peter is most excited about achieving human-level AI to unlock new possibilities. Virtual scientists could research solutions to humanity's biggest problems at massive scale. AI assistants could provide trusted, customised advice to make us better people. And automation could substantially lower costs to generate prosperity. 

Peter's vision is thought-provoking. While AI will only partially replace human intelligence sometime soon, he makes a strong case for its potential to enhance our abilities and make progress on problems if developed responsibly. We appreciate his balanced perspective on both the promise and limits of this rapidly advancing technology.

Listen to this episode and gain deep insights into the limitations of current AI models and discover a revolutionary cognitive approach to artificial intelligence.

Listen to this episode and unlock the path of unlimited potential for those committed to lifelong mastery.

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