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Episode 048: Sales as a Superpower in Business and Life! with Emmaline Fawcett

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In episode 48, we have the privilege of having Emmaline Fawcett on the show today to chat about the superpower of sales. As a business and mindset coach who has run her own companies for years, Emmaline has a unique perspective on sales.

We kick things off by discussing how to describe sales itself. Emmaline believes sales is simply providing solutions, and being deeply in service to people whose needs align with our offer. When we have the right audience, it's just matching desires to solutions.

She thinks we've overcomplicated sales based on movies portraying it negatively. But properly practiced, it's an act of service meeting clients' needs. We agree that sales provide immense value when done ethically, though unfortunate stereotypes persist.

Emmaline shares her journey from a clinical nutritionist to mindset coaching, having gotten NLP certified a few years back. She pivoted to help female entrepreneurs take offline businesses online. One story that stood out was her doing door-to-door sales for 9 months in Queensland! Knocking on 150-300 doors daily in high heat and humidity sounded intense. But she says it set her up for incredible resilience while showing what's needed to succeed in sales.

We ask how she handled the constant rejection. She says it's a simple mindset shift - they're saying no to the product, not us. We personalise too much, when it's not about being detached, just realising the rejection targets the offer at that time, not our self-worth. 

On that note, Emmaline explains why she pays her team retainers versus pure commission. It eases the desperation felt when income relies on each sale. People unconsciously sense that energy which affects rapport. When not stinking of desperation, sales become easier conversations.

She also mentions unconscious biases affect selling - if you know a car is overpriced, people smell the nonsense. Integrity in believing our offer provides value makes sales much easier, be it high-ticket or large contracts. Customers want win-win outcomes, not feeling swindled.

Besides mindset strategies, Emmaline focuses on morning routines. She says exercise helps discharge excess energy and anxiety about sales quotas and outcomes. The resilience boost prepares a neutral, focused state versus arriving scattered, chugging coffee, and stressed to make numbers.

Building personal resilience is key too, she argues, as poor self-worth cracks under sales pressure. Reframing rejection with curiosity versus shame enables continual growth needed to evolve sales skills in the only role receiving frequent, blunt refusals. Hard work trumps talent as technical competence isn't enough - you need a perpetual student mentality.

If we could offer one piece of advice to our younger selves, it would be more self-compassion. Our early perfectionist tendencies caused intense self-criticism when struggling. Now we better balance ambition with kindness to ourselves through the ups and downs of the sales journey.

Emmaline leaves us with sage encouragement to keep honing our craft. Sales provide| invaluable connections and conversations impossible in other roles. By viewing it as mutually beneficial exchanges of value instead of combative battles, both sides can achieve positive outcomes.

Listen to this episode and unlock the path of unlimited potential for those committed to lifelong mastery.

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