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Episode 043: Phone First Selling with Nikki Ivey

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Welcome to the Rev Up Sales podcast. In this episode, we're joined by Nikki Ivey, an outbound sales expert currently working at OppGen. 

Nikki is an inspiring storyteller with a passion for people and the social savvy to turn relationships into revenue. With a decade of sales and marketing experience, Nikki motivates people to build their brands and break into opportunities with authenticity and empathy. She is focused on turning moments into movements.

In this episode, Nikki shares her journey into sales, which started in an unconventional way. While accompanying a friend to a car dealership, Nikki found herself engaged in a unique encounter with a salesperson, ultimately leading to her entering the world of sales. She began her career as a Sales Development Representative (SDR) and quickly realized the importance of creativity in a sales role, especially in a landscape dominated by email outreach. 



Nikki's approach to sales evolved as she explored various channels and developed her communication skills. She highlights the value of content in building relationships, which ultimately sets you apart from the competition. Nikki's mantra is "phone first," and she emphasises the efficiency of phone calls in quickly reaching a yes or no. She's a strong advocate for combining multiple channels to connect with prospects effectively.

Some sales influencers claim that the phone is dead, but is that so? Nikki is here to give us her view on that and to tell us why this is a common perception amongst salespeople.

This conversation highlights the importance of curiosity in sales calls. Rather than relying solely on extensive pre-call research, she combines her research with genuine curiosity during conversations. She believes in asking relevant, impact-driven questions that resonate with prospects and lead to meaningful discussions. This approach helps her build trust and connect with potential customers more effectively. 

But what about handling rejection in sales?

Nikki shared that rejection doesn't affect her the way it used to, but when it happens, she views rejection as a data point rather than personal failure. This perspective allows her to detach from the outcome and maintain a positive mindset.

Listen to this episode to know the advantages of “phone first selling”. Nikki offers very valuable pieces of advice for newcomers to the sales world and she encourages individuals to recognise that they don't have to follow the typical career trajectory in sales. 

If you're intrigued by Nikki's insights and her "phone first" approach, this episode is a must-listen!

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