The Rev-Up Sales Podcast

Episode 041: Win the Now with Dr. Eric Recker

alex alex mcnaughten approach burnout dr eric lifephilosophy power of sales recker success winthenow Aug 31, 2023

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Welcome to the Rev Up Podcast! I'm your host, and today we've got an episode that's going to invigorate your approach to sales and life. We're joined by a remarkable guest who's going to help us unpack a concept that can truly transform your mindset, both in business and beyond.

Joining us is Dr. Eric Recker. He is a husband, father, dentist, elite success coach, pilot, speaker, author, mountain climber, and recovering triathlete, he has pushed his life to the limit and discovered that what he was searching for wasn’t at the top of the mountain. Today, in addition to running a thriving dental practice Eric is committed to helping people learn to #WINtheNOW and discover the life they were meant to live through his talks and coaching.

Eric is here to share his insights on the game-changing concept of "Winning the Now." As we navigate these uncertain times, it's all too common to feel overwhelmed, whether it's dwindling leads, sluggish deals, or the challenge of building and retaining a high-performing sales team. Eric's got the secret to tackling these challenges head-on. 


"Winning the now" isn't just a catchy phrase; it's a life philosophy that Eric discovered during the COVID pandemic. His own journey of finding moments of quiet reflection led him to this powerful concept. Imagine living in the present moment, fully engaged and mindful of what's happening around you. Eric's going to share how he harnessed this idea to navigate the turbulence of the past couple of years and how you can do the same.

One key takeaway from our conversation is the importance of defining what a "win" looks like in each moment. Whether you're on a sales call, strategising for your business, or simply having a conversation, embracing the now and identifying the wins within it can have a profound impact on your success and well-being. And don't worry, this isn't about setting unrealistic expectations; it's about setting intentions that empower you to be present and focused.

But wait, there's more. We'll also explore the concept of burnout—a challenge many of us face, especially in sales. Eric has practical advice on identifying the early signs of burnout and steps you can take to prevent it. His five-day challenge to "knock back burnout" is something you won't want to miss.

Throughout our conversation, Eric provides a fresh perspective on taking care of yourself and building strong relationships with those around you. And trust me, you don't have to be a sales expert to benefit from these insights. Whether you're a seasoned salesperson, a manager, or someone just looking for ways to thrive in today's world, Eric's wisdom will resonate with you.

So, if you're ready to transform your sales approach, your mindset, and your life, this episode is an absolute must-listen. Tune in to gain a new understanding of "winning the now" and take away practical tips to enhance your daily experiences.