The Rev-Up Sales Podcast

Episode 045: Leadership & Organisational Dynamics with Magie Oleson

alex mcnaughten dynamics leadership magie oleson organisational power of sales team culture teams Oct 26, 2023

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In episode 45 of the Rev-Up Sales podcast, we have the privilege of having Margie Oleson, an accomplished executive coach and a true master of leadership. With a doctorate in Organisation Development and a strategic blend of expertise and innovation, Margie has left an indelible mark in various industries.

Margie Olson shares invaluable insights on why organisational dysfunction persists and how to transform teams into high-performing units.

Drawing on her doctoral research and decades of experience, Margie reveals that companies have long understood the fundamentals of organisational development and team dynamics. However, few put this knowledge into consistent practice.



The culprit she identifies is ingrained habits formed early in life. Our brains operate mostly on autopilot to conserve resources. Without proper training and practice, leaders default to what they know from childhood onward.

Bringing in models or consultants for one-off trainings typically fails. Real change requires rewiring habits over an extended period. Margie guides teams through five pillars:

  1. Leadership Team Effectiveness
  2. Organisational Alignment
  3. Leadership Development
  4. Team Development
  5. Sustainable Change

First, anxieties around dysfunction are openly acknowledged like poorly run meetings, lack of accountability, and departmental silos.


Margie then facilitates constructive communication to build trust and commitment to solutions. Small wins create momentum to cement new habits.

For example, meetings become highly productive by clearly defining purpose, participants, and decisions. Team members hold each other accountable for new practices.

Margie emphasises that the process takes time because automatic patterns won’t change overnight. But with the right discipline, behaviors reinvent themselves to finally serve strategic objectives.

Margie Olson provides an invaluable roadmap for any team stalled in dysfunction. Listen to the episode and learn more about optimising your team’s performance through her proven methodology.

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