The Rev-Up Sales Podcast

Episode 040: AI in Sales with Ryan Staley

ai alex mcnaughten artificial intelligence creation process leads possibilities revupsales sales sales journey Aug 17, 2023

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Ladies and gentlemen welcome back to another exciting episode of the Rev Up podcast! 

Joining us today is the one and only Ryan Staley, a sales expert and consultant with a rich history in the field. If you remember, Ryan's been on our show before, and this time around, he's bringing some game-changing insights to the table. Our conversation revolves around the fascinating realm of artificial intelligence and how it's shaping the world of sales.

In these times of uncertainty, where inbound leads are drying up and deals are taking longer to close, the importance of leveraging cutting-edge technologies like AI can't be overstated. And Ryan knows this better than anyone. He's been deeply immersed in the world of AI for quite some time, and his experiences have led him to identify some of the outcomes that this technology brings to the sales landscape.

First, he shares how AI is transforming time management in sales. Thanks to the power of AI-driven automation, tasks and workflows that used to consume hours can now be accomplished in a fraction of the time. But it's not just about micro-level time savings. Ryan also highlights the macro impact of AI. By asking the right questions and harnessing AI's capabilities, sales professionals can now tap into years of collective experience and knowledge in seconds, leading to enhanced strategic decision-making.

Moreover, Ryan delves into AI's potential to unlock new capabilities and execution strategies. 

Listen to this episode to know how Ryan has transformed his content creation process, going from hours of effort to mere minutes, all while achieving impressive results that would have been impossible before. This speaks to the true power of AI in amplifying the skills and capacities of salespeople.

But the real magic happens when AI is integrated into team dynamics. Ryan proposes a simple yet effective approach for sales leaders to drive exponential growth within their teams using AI, tune in to know all about it.

Now, you might be thinking, "Will AI replace salespeople altogether?" It's a valid question that's been swirling around. Ryan addresses this head-on so, if you are interested in AI and the impact is having on the world make sure to listen to this episode.

I guarantee you, this episode will leave you with a renewed perspective on the possibilities that AI can unlock for your sales journey.

But don't just take my word for it—tune in to the full episode to hear Ryan's wisdom firsthand. And remember, the future is unfolding faster than we can imagine, so it's up to us to embrace the opportunities it presents. Thank you for joining us.