The Rev-Up Sales Podcast

Episode 039: The Psychology of Sales with Brian Will

alex mcnaughten anticipating approach audience brian will clients interactions listening psychology sales Aug 03, 2023

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Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the Rev Up podcast! Today, we have an incredible episode lined up for you, featuring the renowned Brian Will, a serial entrepreneur, sales expert, and multi-time bestselling author. We'll dive deep into the world of business-to-business selling and explore powerful sales tactics that will revolutionize your performance.

Brian Will is a Serial Entrepreneur and an industry-leading Business and Sales Management Consultant. During the course of his career, Brian has created or co-created seven very successful companies in four different industries. These companies were worth over a half a billion dollars at their peak.

He has also done multiple turnaround projects for companies from startups to Fortune 500, and helped those organisations drive billions of dollars in sales. His multifaceted background gives him the ability to understand and teach agile processes and principles and articulate their implications from multiple perspectives, from the development team to the executive board.

Today, Brian owns a growing chain of restaurants in the Atlanta area and a residential and commercial Real Estate business in Georgia and Florida. He also serves on city council in his hometown of Alpharetta, Georgia.

In this episode, Brian shares his fascinating journey, starting with his blue-collar landscaping business, which soared to success until it met its downfall. From there, he ventured into the insurance business during the tech boom, which led him to make significant deals in the online insurance space, powering several US states' healthcare systems. His journey continued with other ventures and even politics, where he now sits on the city council.

Our conversation takes an intriguing turn as we explore the psychology of sales. Brian emphasises the importance of understanding why buyers make decisions and addressing objections upfront. He shares a unique perspective on handling objections by actively listening to clients and anticipating their concerns early on in the sales process. Brian's insights show us that building connections and trust are critical in any sales interaction.

We delve deeper into Brian's effective sales techniques, where he highlights the significance of treating clients as individuals rather than customers. By asking thoughtful questions and actively listening, we can build strong emotional connections, allowing clients to fall in love with our products or services. This emotional journey is followed by logical backing as clients realise the benefits and value our offerings bring.

Moreover, we discover how tailoring your sales approach to different departments in a B2B setting is crucial. Finance, IT, sales, and marketing departments all have unique concerns and priorities. Understanding each audience and speaking their language will elevate your sales game and win their trust.

In this episode, Brian shares valuable wisdom gained from his diverse experiences. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur, a seasoned salesperson, or simply curious about the art of selling, you won't want to miss this episode. So, tune in to the Rev Up podcast now and Rev Up your sales game!