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Episode 034: Sales Enablement with Alyssa Glassman

alex mcnaughten alyssa glassman challenges enablement interview issues sales support teams top level May 25, 2023

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In this episode, we are joined by Alyssa Glassman. She is an experienced revenue enablement leader.

Alyssa leads Revenue Enablement for Recharge, the leading subscription management solution empowering merchants through recurring commerce. Recharge powers subscriptions for more than 15,000 merchants serving 50 million subscribers, and supports brands such as Verve Coffee Roasters, Bokksu, Who Gives A Crap, Billie, and Bite.

In this episode, Alyssa shares her journey and experience in the field of sales enablement. She highlights the diverse backgrounds of professionals in this industry and discusses her own path, which included roles in support, sales, account management, and founding her own company.

We delve into the concept of sales enablement, and why many companies still don't fully understand it. Alyssa stresses the importance of collaboration with different teams, such as product marketing, legal, and DevOps, in order to deliver effective enablement. 

Are you familiar with sales enablement? What is it? When should organisations consider implementing it?

Alyssa is going to tell us about all the factors that take part in this process and she is going to give us advice on how to properly invest in sales enablement.

So, listen to this episode to learn about the role of sales enablement and its different components, the issues around buy-in and potential pushback from sales managers, the significance of top-level support, and a lot of different strategies you can start to implement right now.

Alyssa really shed light on the significance of role-based training, collaboration with various teams, and aligning enablement efforts with business objectives so, don’t miss this episode, we’re sure you’ll find it extremely valuable.

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