The Rev-Up Sales Podcast

Episode 032: Sales as a Superpower with Alex Pirouz

alex alex mcnaughten entrepreneur pirouz power of sales revupsales sales social media superpower Apr 27, 2023

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In episode 32 of the Rev-Up Sales Podcast, we have Alex Pirouz, a multi-time founder of businesses and an entrepreneur expert on LinkedIn and social media.  

Alex’s entrepreneurial journey started when he was 13 years old and wanted an Atari. Unable to afford it, he raised the most money for charity at his school and won the Atari as a prize. He also sold chocolate door-to-door at age 14 or 15 and that really helped him build his confidence. 

He then went on to start four businesses between the ages of 22 and 26, losing close to a million dollars. 

Hitting rock bottom at the age of 26 with less than $1500 to his name, he decided to give it one last roll of the dice. He had learned from his mistakes and eventually turned things around, he partnered with a friend to launch a door-to-door sales company in Wollongong. Over the space of 14 months, he managed to scale that business into a multi-million-dollar company employing over 45 staff.     

After successfully exiting that business, he went on to launch and exit another one in the automotive industry before moving back to Sydney to start his own consulting practise.   

Using LinkedIn to rapidly scale his business, he saw a need for LinkedIn training and marketing, so he launched his 7th company, lnkfluencer. A company he’s since managed to scale on an international level, helping over 35,000 people in 65 industries and 35 countries.    

Alex knows the importance of sales skills for entrepreneurs and anyone looking to succeed in business, and he understands that being able to lead people, sell, and raise capital are fundamental skills but he also understands that sales is about helping people and making sure you can solve their problems. 

So, in episode 32 we are going to talk about why sales is a superpower. 

Listen to this amazing conversation because Alex is going to tell us how to use LinkedIn and social media to amplify sales efforts, he’s going to illustrate the importance of building relationships and engaging with potential clients on social media, and he also is going to share his advice for sales teams, including being empathetic towards clients, adapting to virtual selling, and focusing on building trust and relationships. 

Tune in to learn how to use sales as a superpower for life! 

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