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Episode 031: The Sales Rebel with Dale Dupree

alex mcnaughten clients dale dupree interview sales sales rebel sales rebellion success Apr 14, 2023

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In episode 31, we are joined by the Sales Rebel, Dale Dupree.  

Dale was once known as The Copier Warrior and is the appointed Leader and Founder of The Sales Rebellion.   

He is born and raised in Orlando, FL. He has a sales background that dates back to his childhood as he was raised wandering the halls of his father's business. Dale has been a full-time sales professional for 13+ years.   

Dale currently provides sales training and development through his firm, The Sales Rebellion, which challenges the status quo. He is audacious with his outreach, intentional in his sales walk, and driven to create a community of sales professionals that cause undeniable curiosity and true impact in their walk with prospects and clients.   

Dale believes in people over products, community over commission checks, fellowship over negotiations, and experiences over performing a pitch.  

He started out in sales working with an SMB, selling copier machines, which was his father's business. In the midst of doing that, he recognised that the SMB space, even though it was fun and it was home for him for a long time, was really constricting for him.  

So, he started thinking outside of the box when it came to revenue and began noticing the harmful impact of saying this like, “I could never win big accounts”, and “These guys are out of my league”. Instead, he adopted a very confident approach and went on to win big accounts to make the company grow.  

But, after years of doing it, he also began noticing that the sales landscape is really damaged. As he says, “The sales landscape sucks in general, and the mindset sucks, and the scripting sucks, the sequencing sucks, the cadences suck, not all of it, but the majority of it does”.  

That’s why, in this episode, Dale is going to share with us how his rebellious approach to sales has earned him huge success. We are going to talk about disrupting patterns, how to connect with people through creativity and emotion, and how to stand out from the crowd and really make a difference, among many other things.  

So, listen to this episode to learn how Dale has been doing sales and what are the key factors that have determined his success. We’re sure you are going to be able to incorporate some, if not all, of the things that have made a difference for him in your daily business interactions, and you’ll see why it is so incredibly important to be able to think outside the box. 

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