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Episode 28: All About Outbound with Tom Slocum

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In episode 28 we are joined by Tom Slocum. Tom is co-founder and CEO of SD Lab - a business development agency that specialises in creating scalable outbound sales motions to accelerate company growth and help founders achieve their dreams.  

Before creating SD Lab, Tom had already helped scale and develop a lot of sales development teams. Over the 16 years he’s been in the game he’s been able to help founders and other organisations deploy their motion, their outbound motion in a way that's successful and scalable.  

Tom knows how important it is for a company to have the right tech, to empower their people, and to have the right processes. Otherwise, what you have is a waste of potential.  

Many people are good at what they do but often they don't know what they're doing.   

A solution or a product that does what it’s supposed to do is great, but if you don't understand how to market that product or solution, most of your efforts are not going to be that well compensated.  

That's where Tom comes in to assist and help companies get out there to the market much faster, and in a more scalable way for them and their revenue.   

And that kind of brings us on to our topic today, which is all about outbound.  

In this episode, we are going to talk about what an organisation needs to do when they're thinking about building a high-performing outbound function.  

We are also going to discuss the importance of messaging in marketing, intention, brand awareness, and so many other things that we may overlook, that Tom doesn’t.  

Listen to this conversation to learn all you need to know about outbound sales so you can learn how to really exploit all the potential of whatever you are selling by placing it correctly in the market. 

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